Conference & Theme

The fast-paced IT era that we live in demands constant innovation in the skills and technology to cope with the advances in the field of technical communication. The Society for Technical Communication (STC) acts as a conduit in equipping its members to identify and promote best practices in the field. Toward this end, STC-India announces its 18th Annual Conference at Hyderabad from December 8 through December 10, 2016.

This conference hopes to offer valuable insight via numerous sessions and presentations, categorized under the following tracks:

  • Tools and Emerging Technology
  • Writing and Communication skills
  • Leadership and Management

In addition, there are exclusive sessions being planned for the millennial technical writers who are extremely ambitious to march along with us toward a rewarding career in technical communication. 

Technology is changing and innovating in leaps and bounds. Technical communication has to keep pace with these tremendous changes. Technical communicators are collaborating and adapting to technological changes seamlessly, which is the key to " Sailing in Harmony."

A Technological Ship of Growth
Is set for sail to a land of earning.
The skills needed to anchor?
Collaboration & adapting.
Most Innovations believe in ubiquitin destruction
for the sake of futuristic construction -
but such technology, sans explanations,
will only lead to complete disruption.
It does not matter if you are Dev,
or QA, or Ops,
Align yourself to Shift-left,
they are the new SOPS.
To shun then, the needed Communication,
(- for explaining the innovation),
would be a grievous fault -
like a home-cooked barbecue, sans the malt.
We all know that
the only thing constant, is Change.
A writer adapting to the same,
Will soon find it no more strange!
Let's all, peer writers,
Behave like Mr.Carmany,
Welcome Aboard,
And set sail in harmony.
Technology, my friends,
is not immune to changes either (-thankfully)!
Innovation is the rat (- in a race),
led by innovators, the pied-pipers.

- Amit Kapoor
Sr. Manager – Marketing
Communications & Technical Writing
Cigniti Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad